Dear all,

At the LSCOBA Annual Ball on Dec.19, 2015, we are honoured to have The Honourable John Tsang, the current Financial Secretary of Hong Kong and Mrs. Tsang as our Guests of Honour. In particular, we have kick-started the “Sustainable Fund Raising” campaign with a lighting ceremony that evening.

So what is this “sustainable fund raising” campaign?

Our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, set out to offer quality education to poor children. He established gratuitous schools and insisted on gratuity for all, regardless of whether they could afford to pay. He wanted to ensure that every child could receive the best education available in Lasallian education establishments. In Hong Kong, many “elite” schools have already switched to being a Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) School, but La Salle College has remained an Aided School, following the ethos and ideals of our founder.

It is our privilege that La Salle College has many above standard facilities and qualified teaching staff. But the cost of maintaining these above standard facilities and hiring extra teachers is continually placing a heavy financial burden on the school.

We often talk about 薪火相傳 and 不死靈魂. In order to continually deliver quality catholic education to our children, to our young and future Lasallians, a better-than-the-past education in Hong Kong, we are launching this "sustainable fund raising" campaign!

We are not seeking for a one-time donation, but rather we are asking for your continual support. "Being sustainable" is difficult, but since we never say die, we are committed to make this task a successful mission, so that our principal and our teachers, can concentrate on what they do best - education!

Br. Steve, our current LSC Principal, who will sadly be departing us by the end of the school year, has a Vision 2020 plan.

In order for LSC to continue as a government aided school so that our school motto of "Education for all 有教無類" can continue, our goal is to raise no less than HK$1M per annum. What we are proposing is in units of HK$50K, we will be contacting class coordinators, overseas chapters and individuals, in fund raising a target of no less than HK$1M per annum – which is the financial gap between what we need to achieve Vision 2020 and our only source of income, 堂費!

As Lasallians, we are always proud of our network and how united we are, so let’s turn this network into some true power, let’s Awaken our Force!

Looking forward to your support and let’s work together to help our Alma Mater.

Yours in de La Salle,
Leonard Chu
President, LSCOBA

The Toronto Chapter is in full support of this fundraising campaign. Our Board has decided to match donations from our members, on a 1 to 1 basis, with an aggregate maximum of C$5000 per year. In other words, when you contribute C$500, our chapter will match your C$500 to the campaign.

Your donations are made to our chapter through the payment system below and we will forward all donations directly to Hong Kong LSCOBA. The payment system is through Paypal but you do not necessarily need a Paypal account; credit card payments are accepted. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a receipt sent to your e-mail account.

Please note that the Toronto Chapter is a non-profit organization, but not a charitable organization registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency. Therefore no tax receipts can be issued by the Toronto Chapter for your donations.

We are asking for a 2 year commitment for this sustainable fundraising campaign. You can either pay the 2 years’ donation in full or we will send you a reminder next spring for the remaining payment.
This is a great opportunity to help our Alma Mater and return the educational gifts that La Salle has given to all of us.

I thank you for your anticipated generous support.

Yours in de La Salle,
Philip Wong
President, LSCOBA – Toronto Chapter

We apprciate your donations towards supporting this campaign. Any donation will be acknowledged on this page. You can choose what name to appear in the donor column.
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Jimmy Chang (66)   500.00 total 2 years
Philip Wong   500.00 total 2 years
Benedict Chan   50.00 total 2 years
Thomas Lau   500.00 total 2 years
Peter Chan   200.00 total 2 years
  100.00 total 2 years
R. Ng   300.00 total 2 years
No   100.00 total 2 years
Yat King Chan   500.00 total 2 years
Robert Yeung   150.00 total 2 years
Robert Chow   100.00 total 2 years
Henry Wong   100.00 total 2 years
King Hong Choy   1000.00 total 2 years
Stephen Leung   500.00 total 2 years
J Ng   200.00 total 2 years
Francis Yeung   200.00 total 2 years
John Yeung   200.00 total 2 years
David Sin   500.00 total 2 years
Gordon Tam   200.00 total 2 years
michael yuen   300.00 total 2 years
Kevin Kwok   300.00 total 2 years
Robin Siu   100.00 total 2 years
  100.00 total 2 years
Paul Khoo   100.00 total 2 years
John Li   500.00 total 2 years
Michael W.K. Chan (63)   240.00 total 2 years
Homer Yau   100.00 total 2 years
John Lee S K   200.00 total 2 years
Paul K. Ng (66)   100.00 total 2 years
"a" La Salle boy   200.00 total 2 years